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PrescriptFit Chocolate Protein Powder

PrescriptFit Chocolate Protein Powder

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This product is formulated using egg whites, non-fat milk solids and is fortified with additional branched-chain essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, and histidine. (Essential means the body cannot manufacture these amino acids from other dietary proteins). Our chocolate is made from the finest imported cocoa.


PrescriptFit Chocolate Shakes help to curb cravings, improve metabolism and help normalize blood sugar. Used in conjunction with a structured food plan, the PrescriptFit Beef Soup can aid in weight loss and help patients decrease medications.


*We recommend physician supervision when using this product.

*Gluten Free


Ingredients: Non-fat dry, calcium caseinate, Dutch process cocoa, egg white solids, xanthan and carboxy methyl cellulose gums, amino acid fortification, aspartame, lecithin and maltol.


Allergy Warnings: Contains Dairy Eggs and Soy


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